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Getting Started


If you had a Bidder ID in the past, you should already be registered with that Bidder ID

Do you already have a Bidder ID? Not Sure? Click Here to find out if you have an account

Need a Bidder ID, Create A New Account.

Visit the Registration Page to Create a New Account, Make Changes to Current Account, or Search for you Bidder ID.

To Bid on at Item, you will need a Bidder ID.

STEP 2: Update Account information.

Be sure to include a valid EMAIL address! This is very important and will be helpful to you in the future..

Update Account Information, Make Changes to Current Account.

You can change your password here.

STEP 3: Get Started with Bidding. Have Fun!

Visit the Auction Page to get started with bidding.

You can also visit THE BOARD. This is a complete listing of all items in the auction.

After The Auction Has Ended

You can check on the status of all items you have bid on by logging into the Bidder Invoice Page

**You can access the Auction, Registration and Board pages anytime, by clicking on the links at the top or bottom of the page.

[Get Started] [Auction] [Registration] [Admin] [THE BOARD - status of ALL items]

LOGIN To Bidder Invoice Page to see that status of all items you have bid on!

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